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Consignment Contract 2020/21

• All consigned work must be original in design and handmade made by consignee. 

• Consignee will establish the retail price. In the event of sale, the consignee will receive 67% of the established retail price.

• NOTION is responsible for payment to consignee within 30 days of sale, checks will be sent directly to address on file.

• NOTION requests no phone calls to check on sales or inventory, emails will be accepted.

• Consignee will provide a descriptive list of all items with retail prices clearly spelled out on each item that will be signed off upon delivery.

• Deliveries must be pre-arranged by appointment only and brought in disposable cartons.

• Wall mount artwork must have a means for hanging (i.e. picture wire, hanging bracket, etc.)

• Consignee accepts responsibility for shop wear (i.e. soiling, handling, etc.)

• NOTION will do their best by using a camera/alarm system but will not be responsible for any loss due to theft or fire.

• 30-day notice required for the consignee to remove items and must be by appointment only.

By Submitting this document, Consignee and Consignor agrees to the above terms and conditions

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