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  • NOTION is a handmade goods and vintage shop open Tues-Sat and sometimes Monday at Northfield Common in Pittsford, New York.

  • We tend to lean toward products that are modern/contemporary in design, but are always open to seeing work of any style.

  • There are NO rental fees, membership dues, or any other financial requirement to participate.

  • Artists do NOT need to be present and volunteering to help during our events is completely optional.

  • Our primary focus is handmade-by-the-artist / designer, from somewhere in Monroe County, with the requirement that all designs are original and created by the applicant. Vintage items will also be considered.

  • Submissions are curated based on design originality, overall quality, brand professionalism, retail price point, category availability, and overall fit in our collection.

  • All applications are thoroughly reviewed and carefully considered for participation.

  • Due to the high number of submissions we receive, we can only contact artists who are the best fit for our collection at any given time.

  • We regularly evaluate all of our product offerings based on customer feedback and update our collections often in order to keep our product offering fresh each season.

  • Work is sold to the public on a consignment agreement contract signed between NOTION and the Artist. Consignment share is 67/33 (Consignor/Notion) of the retail price before sales tax.

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